Eye Donation


What is cornea ?
Cornea is the glass like covering over the pupil of the eye.

Why does the cornea get damaged ?
The cornea usually get damaged because of infections or injuries of the eye or poor nutrition especially in childhood.

How can eyesight be restored ?
Persons who have lost their sight because of damage to the cornea can hope to regain it with corneal grafting.

Are there any synthetic substitutes for the cornea ?
So far no substitutes have been developed for the cornea.

Who can pledge hos eyes for donation after death ?
Any person can donate his/her eyes without consideration of age, sex and social status. those who wear glasses, have a successful eye surgery or suffer from some disease can also donate their eye.

Are any costs involved in eye donation ?
No fees are charged from the family. The Eye Collection Centre will rush a doctor to the donar's home. This is a free service in the public interest. Can eyes be removed at home ?
The eyes can be removed at home or any other place where the body is kept after death. Does the recipient have to pay for the eye that is used for grafting ?
Services by the government and voluntary sector are provided free of charge. Donated eyes are never bought or sold.

What are the moral and religious views on eye donation ?
Religious leaders throughtout the world have voiced their support for eye donation as an expression of the highest humanitarian ideas.

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Procedure for Eye Donation

Enquire about the nearest Eye Collection Centre/Eye Bank. This is likely to be located at a Medical College or Eye Hospital in your area. Contatct the one nearest to you (by phone or a personal visit) and they will register your pledge and provide you with an Eye Donation Card. It is preferable if all members of the family pledge their eyes together. However an individual can also pledge his/her eyes at any time of his life. The eyes of a deceased person can also be donated whether he has pledged his eyes or not. Under law, relatives of the deceased can donate his/her eyes provided he/she has never spoken against eye donation.